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          About Us

          About Us ??

          A Kuwaiti company specialized in providing logistic services related to building and construction contracting, starting from the engineering design and supervision stage, then building contracting, supplying and transporting building materials, equipment rental, and even the finishing and turnkey stage.

          We seek, in cooperation with our strategic partners, to meet all consumer requirements at the best prices and the best services, by facilitating access to the required products in an easy and direct manner. As we seek to serve the consumer and the seller at the same time. We seek to relieve you of the burden of communicating with customers by providing our expertise in the field of logistics services since 1998, which we are keen to develop continuously to serve our valued customers.

          Our message..

          We are working to establish new and innovative standards to connect the customer with the best companies and help him find the best materials and services at the best prices and with the least effort and the fastest time.


          To be the first and leading destination for electronic shopping in all fields, especially construction, materials and equipment, through innovative technology that simulates the aspirations and requirements of the customer. We believe that the current era is the era of the Internet and that everything is now done with a click of a button, so we want to share success with you through everyone's platform (SAMM .... TAMM)

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